My name is Devon J Hall and I am the curator of Loud Mouth Brown Girl Dot Com.

Throughout these pages you will find stories, poems and the fictional history of the Krisya Ohana Society. These are the stories that helped me survive more than twenty six years of sexual abuse and self inflicted trauma due to early childhood sexual abuse.

The stories I have compiled here are written in such a way that the majickal and real world coincide together as one. This entire website is in a sense a digital e-book offered to you the reader for free.

The philosophies you find here come from all over the world and were created by people much wiser than myself, but they have inspired me to never give up no matter how difficult the steps along my journey.

I hope as we come together you will be inspired to share your own stories and philosophies with me, as I am attempting to do with you.

Love always,

Devon J Hall