That’s what being raped is. It manifests in ways throughout your life that never seem to go away and I am stuck here wondering if I am ever going to be okay again.

I’ve developed a story line throughout the years that helped me to survive, and that’s what this website is about.

Through out the pages and posts on this website, through out my social media you will learn about Karey Whitmore, Siddha Lee Saint James, Angel Damascus, and the tales of their adventures in Surrey, British Columbia.

I created this website as a place to share my thoughts and experiences but more than that to put a voice to my name. So that if anything ever happens to me, God forbid, there is a written history of how my brain works, of who I am.

I expect that given the life I lead, I won’t have a long life, but I’ve had an interesting one. You’ll learn about the Krisya Ohana legends of Gods and Goddesses, Angels Fallen and Risen, Vampires, Demons and Witches. You’ll learn about Creole Gypsy relations and culture and majickal realism, but more than that, you’ll learn that I am not just another victim of childhood cult rape and sexual abuse.

I am a person, whole and complete, with shards of pain and suffering that no woman should have to experience.

I am the one they call Siddha Lee Saint James, and my name is Devon J Hall, welcome to Loud Mouth Brown Girl.