Devon J Hall

Founder, Writer, Podcaster, Networker, Cannabis Advocate

Devon J Hall is a thirty-eight almost thirty-nine-year-old woman living in Surrey, British Columbia Canada. She has experienced some trauma, and she has healed from some trauma. Every day is a work in progress, and as she grows she learns the true depths of her passion, dedication, and interest in the world of Content Creation.

LMBG to some people is just another blog, but for Devon J Hall it is the anchor that helped her get better after an emotional, mental, and spiritual breakdown that very nearly convinced her to commit suicide. It is the one thing in the world that she built with her own two hands, in an effort to prove to herself that she does actually have skills, talents, and abilities, that the rest of the world might see as equitable.

What I DO
  • Content Creation
  • Podcasting
  • Digital Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Cannabis Advocacy
  • Book Author
  • Mental health and trauma Advocacy

Loud Mouth Brown Girl started as a creative outlet for a woman who was in a desperate mental health situation. Memories of trauma, sexual abuse as a child, and genuine torture, had haunted Devon J Hall for years, but she learned early how to use escapism, distraction, work, and alcohol to prevent herself from focusing on those memories long enough to ignore them.

Getting arrested for a panic attack threw Devon for a loop and forced her to really decide what she wanted in this world. She wanted to be useful, she wanted to matter, and she wanted the world to know that she just wasn’t okay.

Loud Mouth Brown Girl was a guiding light to a woman who didn’t know how to convey just how not okay she was. It was an escape, and an anchor, it became the place she poured her heart and told the stories of what she remembered, even if the memories were wrong or convoluted, they were detailed on the early posts of this website.

Over time Devon discovered that she liked building up this blog, and wanted it to matter to other people too. So the old posts came down and the first revision was posted in 2018 as a test to see if she could make something out of the LMBG idea.

In 2019 Devon started a clothing line unoriginally called Brown Designs, she made more money than she ever thought she could make, and even though it was less than a thousand dollars, it taught her that there are people out there who believe in her, her ideas, and in how she sees the world.

Now Devon Has a new line called 604NORTH the podcast that Devon started in 2020 is still going strong with season two set to debut on March 13th, 2021. Comfortably Uncomfortable Conversation is Devon’s way of engaging her audience by interviewing its members of it.

Twitter friends, BudSista’s, Cannabis Educators, Sex Workers, and Mental Health advocates have all found space on Comfortably Uncomfortable Conversations, to discuss what they do and why what they do is important. Devon believes deeply that every person has a story and that every story deserves to be captured on record, it is her life’s mission to help make this happen by adding to the digital media of the internet through her podcast.

In the summer of 2020 Devon got involved with a group of Cannabis Educators who focus their energies on having conversations about cannabis advocacy and education, by providing people will access to real live human beings who know what it is like to be a patient trying to find anything that will help them feel better.

Devon is focused on cannabis advocacy because she knows without a doubt that if cannabis can help her build all of this, there is absolutely no limit to what she can do now that she is mentally, spiritually, and emotionally more grounded than she has ever been before.

Through building this website, and its evolution of it, Devon has discovered a network of women from around the world who believe that Brown and Black girls deserve to have a voice, and that they deserve to feel as if their voice matters. Yes, Devon can claim that she has inspired others, but if you ask her the most important part of this journey is that she inspired herself first.