About Sue Letwin

Sue Letwin

Founder Indicapable

Three years ago, Sue Letwin was focused on trying to get healthy, without understanding what was happening to her body.

Three years ago, Sue woke up in the middle of the night to find that she had a strange tingling sensation in her neck. After rushing to the hospital with her husband, she was diagnosed with a migraine and given baby aspirin before being discharged.

More Doctors and time later, Sue was diagnosed with menopausal migraines, told she did not have MS, but she might be pre-menopausal.

It was only when a friend visited a Doctor in LA that life began to change for Sue. On a trip to California with her husband, Sue visited the same clinic and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, which was a complete game changer.

Sue started her journey with Cannabis by using CBD oils which she said she found didn’t have much of an effect. These days she will eat an edible at night before bed and and she mixes that with the flower from her vape, which helps to stop the pain and the symptoms and helps her sleep at night.

She says she went from having over fifty different symptoms down to having three to four in the last three years. The difference in her life has been nothing short of remarkable.

Armed with a diagnosis and a treatment plan, Sue was able to hone her own talents for studying and learning, and focused her energy on learning as much as she could about Cannibus.

Now she is the founder of Indicapable, a business designed to teach people how to access, educate themselves and use cannabis for healing.

Sue’s focus these days is teaching people how to cook with cannabis but she suggests that everyone start by vaping or smoking the flower before they try edibles.

“Edibles are really hard to control when it comes to dosage, when you smoke or inhale the flower you understand immediately the affect it has on your body.”

Sue says she encourages people who are especially older to smoke, because when you eat cannabis without being able to control the dosage you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable and that feeling may turn you off all together, which isn’t the desired result.

Sue works closely with SHECANN, which is an organization devoted to educating people on the use of cannabis and it’s uses. They also have a support group on Facebook.

She also works with Canadian Women in Cannabis, which is a group of women from across Canada that work across the spectrum of the Cannabis industry.

Her focuses now are on teaching people how to get a prescription for Cannabis in Canada, Teaching people how to cook with Cannabis, and educating the public at local public events.

Sue lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with her Dog and Husband.

You can find and follow Sue on Twitter and Instagram