I am going to do a few things for my 40th birthday, but this in particular is extra important to me.

This year I am going to try and interview 40 writers for my 40th year on this planet.

I want to interview writers who love to write, writers who can’t breathe if they don’t spend at least a little time a day writing. So in order to help with this process I’ve created a form for y’all to fill out.

The form is all about your writing journey and shouldn’t take very long to fill out. The first 40 writers to submit their forms will be interviewed for Stay Lifted Sis if they so desire, so that my audience, can tune into these amazing writers I know from all over the world.

I can’t wait to meet y’all so hurry up and fill out the form. Each response will be added here to the site under the tag #WritersSpotlight so that everyone who comes to the website can find y’all, plus I’ll link your name from the main menu.

I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of writers are out there and learning from y’all.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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