I saw a tweet several years ago when Black Panther came out. A Beautiful, smart, talented, wise, Black woman had taken her grandfather to see the film. In fact, millions of people got to see the film in the theatre, together, because millions more raised billions in order to see the film, together. The Black Community Showed The Fuck Up.

I made the choice to stay home and watch the film because I knew the film itself – the experience of being surrounded by so many Black folks was dangerous. If 5 white kids and 1 Black kid can be considered a gang, what the fuck are millions of Black folk going to look like going to the fucking theatre?

Given what I could see rising in America, I was verifiably and understandably terrified of what would happen to the Black community of America, and as it turns out I absolutely wasn’t wrong, and neither were the millions of Black folk who gathered in various communities around the universe, to see the first Black superhero on the Big Screen, be Black Fucking Panther.

There was a lot of reaction and much of it bad, but the one response that stuck out in my mind was

I took my grandfather to this film and he cried because he never thought he’d see not one but two Black characters save the world. First Black Panther, and then a verified Captain America, from the 1910s, who was also Black, and then….a brand new Black Captain America.

I don’t remember the Twitter user who said this but I know I rt’ed it, so if you see this article know that i heard you, and I’ve spent hte last few years thinking a lot about that tweet. I’ve thought about what i can say to the granddaughter of an American Veteran who spent his time being vilified when he came back, not for being a bad person, but because the colour of his skin made him able to fight, but not worthy of being defended.

The response to Black Panther, and then later to Falcon and The Winter Soldier, was automatic.

Breonna Taylor was shot in her bed, (thank you for the Twitta Sista who reminded me that when I first started talking about our lost Sista, I was spelling her name wrong. Thank you.) while sleeping, because the cops “accidentally,” thought that the man sleeping beside her was a gangster.

They used a no-knock warrant, they killed her boyfriend who also had a gun – WHILE BLACK – because they thought he was a criminal and it took less than 5 minutes for the police to discover they had the wrong house and that Miss Taylor, actually hadn’t seen her EX-BOYFRIEND in a very long time.

Ahmaud Arbery was hunted down, like an animal, by 3 men, who then executed him, because he was found walking through an undeveloped home, largely and more than likely, because he was curious. Maybe he wanted to be a builder one day, maybe he wanted to buy and sell houses, maybe he found the route on his walk or run, but we’ll never know what he was doing in that house because he was murdered before he got the chance to tell the world HIS story.

George Floyd was murdered in front of an 11-year-old who had the courage, the brilliance, and the strength to record as much of that murder as she could so that the world would not forget the name George Floyd, and how the white supremacists respond when Black folk gather to see a film.

A group of parents, mothers, fathers, children, and supermarket workers were shot at in a grocery store. A large group of Asian women were attacked at their place of business, and the world declared war on Asian folk with SEEMINGLY random and increasingly violent attacks on folks of all ages BECAUSE they are Asian.

Whelp Black Folk, we together went to see Black Superheros, because Hollywood has finally decided to tell us they are listening to Black folk, and the entire world lost its fucking mind.

So The Only Question That Remains to Be Asked is: What The Fuck Are You Going To Do About It?

Fuck Around and Find Out, is my new mantra. It’s my way of telling the world that we all need to shut up for a moment and listen to the layers of the words, the science, the math, and the voices that we’re hearing.

We talk a lot about how people are losing their minds more and more and more and in all honesty, the reason that people are losing their minds is that the world is responding to so many years of trauma and growth and evolution that we don’t know how to handle it.

White Supremacists don’t hate you because of the colour of your skin, or what you believe in, they hate you because you will not bow down to them.

In the Avengers Film, we see Loki face off across from one of a dozen versions of that twit Captain America. “Not This Time,” is a mantra because Captain America is literally Ancient, he’s been around so long and every single battle he fights is about supremacy in one form or another.

But we don’t see that part, we see “he doesn’t look like me,” so Hollywood went through the articles and the back material of Marvel and DC content and found the pages where Sam becomes Captain America, and in the show, the Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Disney shows us what it means to be a hero.

“You Have To Stop Calling Them Terrorists,” is the single greatest line in the world. Yes, there are lots of bad people out there (and absolutely the Taliban and all their allies must be decimated, destroyed, and absolutely given the mental health help they need or relocation if possible,) but for thousands of years, Black folk, Indigenous folk, have been raising the alarm and people were not listening.

When Hollywood in particular answered, people, were so distracted by the violence, the trauma of accidentally (and I DO mean accidentally) catching the murder of George Floyd on live television, recorded by an 11-year-old little girl, white folk everywhere, who hate EVERYTHING that doesn’t bow to the power of whiteness, realized very quickly, that Black folk were not, in fact, fucking around, we were and are continuing to bide our fucking time.

The problem, however, is that the reason that sooo many Black folks don’t think that people in Hollywood are listening is that too many folk in Hollywood are stuck behind this thing called a Non-Discloser Agreement. Everything they say, do, wear, and how to behave is covered under these legal documents that prevent many people in Hollywood from saying the things they WANT to say, while simultaneously forcing them to say the things they are SUPPOSED to say, and if you refuse to understand that, then you can’t possibly understand how we’ve been at war. for centuries, and this is just the new wave.

Unlike the agreement that Khadisha Thornhill forced members of the Afro Canada BudSista Facebook Group to sign, these agreements are soul-clad, they ensure that at any moment everything you’ve been “given,” that the world claims you “earned,” can be taken the fuck away.

With the snap of a finger.

Call my Agent,” is literally a cry for help, an assumption that the person you pay to protect you from craziness is actually going to protect you when in reality their ONLY job is to ensure that YOU keep making millions or billions of dollars, in order to keep the system running the way it was ALWAYS designed to.

In a recent article in the Hollywood Reporter, Jeremy Renner, (who still owes me a kitchen,) is going to be playing a reporter who exposed the billionaire Sackler family’s ties to the global opioid crisis.

The problem with the film and the article is that it doesn’t delve into just how deep this crisis goes, so first I’m going to talk about that, and then I’ll tie that into how white supremacy is winning a war most people think is still “on its way.

The Opioid Crisis Started With Experimentation on Black Folk, but only After The Enslavement of Black Folk, the Simultaneous Decimation of Indigenous Folk, and the absolute evolution of hatred’s ability to evolve in a million different ways.

  1. Scientists create the drug
  2. Experiment on the world’s most vulnerable
  3. Capitalize on that experimentation by exploiting even more people to sell the product
  4. Capitalize on the death of those folks who die due to addiction, by selling coffins, burial spaces, and “other services,” that are all revolved around making as much money as possible for those grieving loved ones.

The “Opioid Crisis,” doesn’t just involve people with addiction disaffection disorder, it involves all the people who buy the dope, who sell the dope, who buy the pills, the needles etc.

It’s a fucking demon beast that feeds itself by feeding on humanity and the ONLY way to end this shit is to find a few people worshipping at the alter of the almighty dollar.

Recently Donald Trumps Marilago residence, and golf course, as well as his NYC properties, and several other properties around the globe have been raided, unfortunately, the press only reported on the two major ones, but the truth is that allegedly law enforcement has been working on the riddle of Donald Trump for a very long time.

For years Black and Asian folk, and LGBTQ2S+ folk have been just been complaining about the fact that the 1% isn’t responding to our complaints and the chaos in the streets, I’d like you to re-read this article again, and then I’d like you to do some research on Reverse Psychology and The Opioid Crisis. Then…settle down and go watch some films.

That being said I would like to offer my condolences to the entire Trump family on behalf of Ivanka Trump and remember this one thing: Her favourite quote of a time was “don’t get angry dahling, Get Even.” Well, here we are world, getting even.

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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