Yesterday local news station City News Vancouver, published this article on gangs, and so, of course, I had to check it out, because I have just enough anger in me at gang life, that I felt it was important to see what others are saying about the topic.

First problem? Kids don’t give a flying fuck what you say about gangs. They aren’t going to give a shit if you tell them how dangerous it is and it’s not because they like danger, it’s because if they are being hunted by a gang if they are at risk of being a prospect, there is literally nothing you can do about it.

Unless you want to move them out of town. And I mean this sincerely, and in Canada, that often means moving to the other side of the country, and even then, the likelihood that if they want to find you, and won’t, is very slim.

With all respect to Gira Bhatt, the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Psychology Professor, that participated in that article, I can promise you that until you’ve actually spoken to real-life, true blood, gangsters, or those of us who have ACTUALLY survived them, in this country, specifically, you have ABSOLUTELY not one fucking clue what you are talking about.

Including this post, there are 844 posts that have been written as a direct result of my unwanted experience with gang members, with people pretending to be gang members, with child pedophiles who used gang members and even worse than all of that, men who pretended to be connected to a variety of horrible people, who then GROOMED children, into becoming drug dealers, and other horrible things, on purpose.

Now, that all being said, there are 0 people in British Columbia that actually believe me, which is fucking fine, whatever don’t believe me, but do trust that if I am CONSISTENTLY talking about my mental health issues after being unwittingly drawn into gang style life, against my free choice, at the tender age of the same age as MOST children who get sexually assaulted by men with evil plans to turn girls into sex slaves and boys into drug dealers;

If I am CONSISTENTLY putting myself out there and attending live events with my face out there telling this same story over and over again, I’m either crazy, dead, full of shit, or more likely, TELLING THE FUCKING TRUTH.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you about some things you may not know about certain “Gangs,” in British Columbia.

The Wolf Pack was started in Calgary Alberta at Saint James School by a bunch of boys turned willing rapists who raped a girl in the girl’s locker room in their 9th year of school. A girl who never told anyone but me, a girl whose story was reported to the police, whose principal promised to the police that it never happened, and now they are “one of the largest gangs in British Columbia and all of Canada.”

With credit to their creation being given to people in British Columbia, even though I was at that school, at that same year WHEN that particular CHILD was raped by the REAL WOLF PACK Founders.

In an old article written by a journalist whose name I do not remember, (Vancouver Sun, about 6 years ago I believe.) Michael Ross aka Little Man and Bruce Davis were photographed while being handcuffed and led away from a house in Kelowna, and under that photo is the tagline “Founders of the Wolf Pack.”

TRULY TERRIBLE FUCKING REPORTING because I know both of these men personally and they are NOT gangsters. They are fucking morons, who I know A LOT about, but they are NOT gangsters. (For the record I’ve known Mike Ross since I was in Alberta, and Bruce Davis since I was about 22.)

In either a follow-up article or the same one, I can’t remember which one woman in particular Amanda Nicholson is accused of being a “rat,” and a “Snitch,” who was caught with 1 kilo of cocaine, and allegedly blamed it on the girl in the car beside her.

ALLEGEDLY the cocaine belonged to the Wolf Pack.

That would make a TON of sense if it actually happened. I’d wager a very expensive bet that a) the coke was planted and b) as was the story in order to see who would come after these three people in particular AND their families – the ONLY way that Amanda Nicholson’s name could have gotten into THAT article is Police or RCMP officers leaked that name.

Amand Nicholson doesn’t drive – I know this because, like me, she has an absolute TRAUMATIZING fear of getting behind the fucking wheel due to her large consumption of cannabis.

2) This means that Amanda Nicholson did NOT snitch on her BOYFRIEND, which would have been REALLY fucking stupid of her to do.

Since “he’s the head of the largest gang in Canada.” That would mean that if Amanda was dating Bruce (which she was,) when he was arrested, and the Wolf Pack is the biggest gang in Canada, it’d be really fucking stupid for her to rat him out…wouldn’t it?! Because if she ratted him out, every single member of the Wolf Pack would be trying to kill her, which they aren’t, because NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE INVOLVED IN THAT FUCKING GANG.

I know for a fact that as much as I fucking loathe and detest that egotistical narcissistic cow-faced woman, she has NOT connected to gang life the way people keep claiming.

Well, how do you know this Devon?

Easy. I partied with Amanda, Bruce and Mike and several others for years at The Flamingo Hotel strip club when it was open, and we drank a LOT of booze, a TON of weed was smoked, and not once, EVER, did I personally witness any one of them use, or even hold cocaine.

Well, what about what you didn’t see?

When you party with someone for two fucking years, you know real quick if they’re using coke or harder drugs or not. Especially when you’re with them EVERY single week from Wednesday to Saturday night, and then hanging out at house parties after the club.

All this to say, that there’s a lot of shit out there about a LOT of people, and a lot of “professional experts,” who don’t know shit offering advice about how to keep their kids from gang culture and gang life.

I can promise you that most of the gangs in BC that exist today, and I do mean MOST includes:

  • The Red Scorpions
  • The Wolf Pack
  • The United Nations Gang

And several other “youth-based gang groups,” are not only run by the same group of people, but many of the people IN those gangs – I would wager another VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY expensive bet – are victims of actual child pedophiles who groomed them to be sexual assaulters, and gangsters and I know this because it happened to me AND many many other children across North Delta and BC.

If you want to keep your kids out of gangs, then here’s a thought, make sure you know the adults in their lives. This includes (this list is made up of my own personal experience.)

  • Doctors
  • Teachers
  • Adults in Authority
  • “Friends and Family Members.”
  • Internet Communities who CALL Themselves Anonymous, but are not necessarily a part of the Hacker Collective
  • Police Officers
  • ANYONE who wants to “borrow your kid for a while,” without having children of their own.
  • Overnight guests
  • ANYONE your kid doesn’t know, and all your neighbours.

I’ve been raped by ALL kinds of people – and the people who need to know, know who and all the like, but the problem is that there are 1000s of stories like mine ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

So the next time you read, or consider writing an article about how to keep kids out of gangs – in particular – or AND ESPECIALLY – if you’re writing about specific gang members, you actually maybe I don’t know, do your fucking research, Because A Lot of the shit that we’re seeing about gangs in BC and across the country…is complete bullshit, designed to make people distrust each other, and “rat each other out,” even when certain people are innocent.

This is how certain people in our society work. I’m not saying gangs are good – AT ALL – they are fucking horrifically awful, HOWEVER, disinformation goes both ways.

When I’m less angry about this dumbass fuck article, I will post some ACTUAL solutions to end Gang Violence across the country. Until then,

Sending all my love,

Devon J Hall

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