Why I Am No Longer Using @TeeSpring for My TShirt And Hoodie Designs, Thank You @Stands

I’ve been through this before. About six months ago I decided to rip all my designs off Teespring, when I realized that they were allowing white supremacists to use the same platform.

I went through every single t-shirt design company that I could find, but nothing was as easy and as as simple as Teespring, which is entirely why it’s so popular. The ease with which anyone can become a clothing designer is hugely appealing.

Here’s the thing though, this year I started a brand new clothing company called 604North. 604 is the area code for British Columbia’s lower mainland, where I live. North is in reference to Canada, and also because we’re Canadian and we love Cannabis, the logo is of the Loud Mouth Brown Girl soldier standing in front of the maple leaf.

I have thought a lot about the logo, the name, the brand, and I wanted this brand to mean something. I wanted this brand to be apart of the LMBG world, and I wanted it to be a brand that says “we exist, and we want to do the best we can by our customers.”

I cannot work with a company that monetarily supports white supremacists and actual Nazi’s given what happened in America on January 6th2021. Not just because I am a minority – a mixed-race Black woman of color, but because I have morals and obligations to those morals.

It is important to me that everything that I create is a reflection on the freedoms, rights, and blessings, that I have been granted after all the years of trauma and abuse that I experienced.

When it was pointed out to me today by a Twitter account named @Stands, that Teespring often allows users to steal the designs of the charitable designs available on the Stands website, it occured to me that I cannot make excuses anymore for doing something I should have done months ago.

On the advice of @Stands I will be using another distributor for my designs, because I realized that if my designs are going to model the morals and belief system that have helped inspired me to survive, then it goes to say that the company I work with to sell these designs feel the same way.

It is clear to me that Teespring as a company is focused more on the bottom dollar than on doing the absolute right thing. It’s not enough to apologize after the fact, brands as big as Teespring have to have a finger on the pulse of society and right now Teespring’s only concern is whether or not their stockholders are happy.

I am not interested in working with a company that cares more about money then the communities they serve, so unfortunately, I will not be designing anymore shirts until I can find a place that respects my beliefs.

I was really excited about the launch of my new clothing line, and I worked really hard on it, but right now I have to do what is absolutely and utterly best for business, and working with Teespring is not it.

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