SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN #WritersLift #BlackWriters

I am looking for submissions.

Why? Well the answer to that is simple, Loud Mouth Brown Girl was always meant to be a collective. The idea behind the website was always to have as many Brown voices as possible, sharing their stories. I used to think that anyone could be a Brown girl, as long as they had some connection to the word.

Recently I have learned how important it is to showcase and highlight the voice of people, who are actually born Brown. The world is not ready to be as inclusive as we need, so it’s important for us to curate safe spaces for each other to gather and share thoughts and ideas.

I have always wanted Loud Mouth Brown Girl to be a part of the great tradition of creating spaces for people of color to share their voices and their experiences, and now that I have come as far as I have come, it’s time for me to open the doors and help other writer’s the best way that I can.

Now, at this point I cannot afford to pay writers in cash, however, here’s what I do offer.

  • The ability to reach a larger audience then you would have otherwise, by ensuring you get to showcase your work not only on this website, but also through the podcast.
  • A one hour conversation one on one with me, where we talk about your story, your experience and why your voice matters.
  • Promotion across all of my social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • The proud privilege to become a part of the Brown Girl Collective Community.

I am looking for stories that showcase the Brown girl and Black Girl experience, so if you’re mixed race, Indian, Black, African, Latinax or otherwise “Brown” you are welcome to submit your work to loud mouth brown girl for consideration.

Not every piece that gets submitted will make it to the front page, for a variety of reasons, but I hope to post as many as humanly possible.

We are looking for the following stories:

  • Human Interest
  • Women’s Experiences
  • Black Experiences
  • Mixed Race Experiences
  • Hair Care for Colored Women
  • Sexuality for Colored Women
  • Mental Health for Colored men and women

If you are interested in submitting something to Loud Mouth Brown Girl PLEASE use this contact form here.

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