Month: December 2019

Five minutes a day…

So today I had to see my Psychiatrist, and my mother at the same time. I’ll let that sink in. My Psychiatrist who thinks that my memories are made up, and My Mother. That’s right. I survived, barely but I admit I also opened up today in ways […]

Does Anyone Fucking Care?

For the first time ever, I approached someone I admire and asked permission to talk about this particular Hash tag that took over twitter this past week. Someone I admire very much named @ProfaneFeminist on Twitter started this hash tag when her cousin was murdered by a male […]

I was a follower…

For a lot of years I was the person who just went with the flow. Whatever came my way I dealt with, in the moment instead of seriously thinking about the consequences of my actions. I once told a friend I was going to call social services on […]