The Legend of Siddha Lee Saint James

girl2When I was a child I used to lay on the grass and look for Angels in the heavens, when I was twenty-three I told my friend slash Teacher, Rachel, that I woke up early one morning to see the clouds in a way that to me told a story of a great war. I saw Aphrodite, Hecate and Hades, I was certain that the shapes in the clouds were inspiring something inside of me that can only be called the Philosopher’s Flame.

In ancient times it was said that the Philosopher’s Flame came from Prometheus who stole a spark from the sacred Forever flame and handed it off to humans to help them light their way in the darkness.

This was a story I’d heard from my grandmother Lilian, who has long since forgotten that I existed. Growing up Roma, I had only a very short time with her, to hear the stories that she told me from the Romanian and often hidden side of our family.

When I relayed parts of this story – at least the part about the clouds – to Rachel she snorted and rolled her eyes, “we get it your a see’er, you clearly saw the God’s at war.” This was the same year that Obama became President, and Grimore’s Books opened it’s doors for the first time.

There is another story my grandmother used to tell me when I was little, it’s the story of Jesus, Mary, twelve Apostles or Disciples, and thirteen children.

Thirteen times Mary was pregnant with child, and thirteen times their child was left in the home of a friend or Guardian who would raise that child to know that somewhere out there were twelve brothers or sisters. Once every six years exactly, the Guardians would bring the children together, so that they would know each other’s faces and names. So that they would recognize blood when blood saw blood.

This was called the first council of Krisya – or Mary Magdalena, the House of to be specific. It was called this because Mary spent exactly twelve days with each child before giving them up in order to continue her travels with Jesus and the Apostles before witnessing his death.

It was said in this story, that after his death Mary gave birth to their thirteenth and final child, who was hidden away from the council of Kris, their identity protected and whisked into the night when Mary herself dissapeared from any stories of the bible.

The thirteenth child is called the Ophiuchus or Serpent Bearer, was always in our home called a female, largely and it is assumed because the thirteenth child did not have a protector.  It was demanded that as she was not born with a protector, she must challenge for the right to have one, by the sisters and brothers who claimed a genetic heritage to the house of what came to be known the Tabiyah Auyawhasou. Ironically translated to “Council of Hope”.

The Thirteenth daughter grows up to be stronger, more powerful and angrier than her other siblings largely because she was raised alone without the stories of her heritage and had to fight for her right to have access to the records known as the Akashic records, to which her twelve brothers and sisters held the keys that they refused to share.

A challenge was offered in which thirteen tasks were to be accomplished, everything from walking the path of hell to free the soul of thirteen men believed to be responsible for their father’s death to banishing the Spider Queen living in a far away wood.

It was on her oddesy that she was found by an Angel who promised her a great destiny, an Angel so beautiful she believed he must have been sent from God…although that was half true. As God decided he’d the right to have a son walk the Earth, Lucifer decided she had the right to have a daughter walk the earth. It is said that to pull Ophiuchus away from her tasks, Lucifer sent an emissary who fell in love with the beautiful untitled Queen and gave her a child.

And thus the line continued with the thirteenth child always refused the right to join the council of Krisya Ohana, which leads us to Siddha Lee Saint James. The one and final descendant of the Ophiuchus, who actually has zero interest in joining the council and yet is beholden to them purely because it is made up of cousins who if not connected emotionally are most certainly connected by genetics.

Siddha Lee is an Empath who gives private Psychic readings in her free time to high paying clients from around the world. Although she is notorious for almost always being right, like every single time, even when she is often trying not to be, Siddha is not publicly famous and prefers to keep her connection to the Tribes on the down low. Suck it up sucker.

She makes her home in Vancouver, British Columbia, in an apartment above the Port Side Pub which sits directly in the center of the North and East sides of a man made none the less genuine Crossroad.

As a Ophiuchus it is assumed that Siddha can hear thoughts and push dreams, but as she’s never been tested officially by the council of Krisya Ohana, no one is quite sure what abilities might have been passed on to her, if any at all.

In mythology Ophiuchus is the bringer of Snakes and the protector of fresh eggs or “new blood” or new born’s. Snakes are typically territorial and seen as bringers of Healing. Ophiuchus is said to be protected by Medusa, Hera, Hercules and Prometheus as snakes are cold blooded and like being by the fire.

As the last descendant of Ophiuchus, Siddha is protected by the Goddess’s and Gods, though no one is directly quite sure why, people have a tendency to either trust Siddha with their whole heart or not at all. There is no in between with her, she either likes you or does not, and if she says no, she means absolutely positively utterly never again.

There are no second chances with Siddha who grew up with a brother and a mother in the utmost of poverty, and learned early not to trust.

It is said that Siddha Lee was once bitten by the sacred Viper spirit and as such as a distaste for mice like personalities. She has no time to make other people feel comfortable as she is too busy chipping away that is her chosen destiny of being rich, and left the hell alone by the rest of humanity.

For many reasons, but specifically because of her love of knowledge, Siddha’s apartment is filled with ancient tombs in a variety of different languages that she spends her time learning purely for the enjoyment of knowledge.

Siddha has a Master’s degree in Ancient Philosophy with a minor in Myth and Legend from the Private Krisya School of Saint Xavier’s College in London, England.

She spends most of her time working with the Council although technically speaking has not taken possession of her rightful place as an heir to the house of Krisya Ohana.


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