What is Loud Mouth Brown Girl?

cropped-cropped-hah1.pngSomeone asked me that recently, what is it, is it a thing for people to jump behind or is it a way to hide criminals from their crimes?

They asked me this right after asking me to meet my family…I told them they would regret that decision.

My family is filled with villains, with men who did horrible things, who are accused of doing horrible things to good people, allegedly the men in my family are the worst of the worst that British Columbia has to see.

My family, come from the Bacon Family, the Wolf Pack, the victims of the Adrenaline Mob and basically every fucking gang you can think of in the Lower Mainland…shamefully that includes the RCMP and the Police.

The thing is, is that you can’t pick your fucking family, if I could I would absolutely NOT tell Cameron he has officially been welcomed into the tribe, (ew dude, srsly.)

I also wouldn’t have if I’d had any choice, admit that Chris Trotchie has been raping me for the last several years, and forced me to say that it was members of the Wolf Pack on the promise of death.

Like me, Chris Trotchie was a victim of Doctor Golden, but unlike me, he chose to take those “sessions” as “lessons,” and used what he learned from the aforementioned Dr, to abuse the women of Surrey BC.

On this website you have seen me say repeatedly, including in a shamefully horrible video, accuse my closest friends, my brothers, and the guy who thinks I’m going to marry him without a ring, of the world’s absolute worst crimes.

Until recently, which each and every single person who needed to be, were fully aware of what was happening behind the scenes of this website, this digital version of Murder She wrote, Rape she cried, I couldn’t tell the truth.

It took a fucking exorcism to pull apart the ritual rape I was taught to have, electric shock therapy, and what can ONLY be referred to as Voodoo with a healthy dose of Hoodoo to pull the truth from me, and it’s the worst fucking truth.

The night that Chris Trotchie raped me, he told me it was because if he was drunk enough, if he was high enough and the room was dark enough, I looked exactly like his sister Sarah. Who by the way is as far away from being a Brown girl as the whitest wall you can find.

For hours my friends and family gathered around me as we wrote the map, wrote the plan, and decided that the only way to prove that Chris Trotchie was trying to rape as many women as he could, hoping to either “impregnate” OR “give them an std”, to leave his “legacy,” was to let him try to do it again.

He did so a few years ago, in a little yellow and white house belonging to a friend of mine, a man he drugged, and had beaten and raped in his own right, in order to rape me.

He used members of the Horsemen, Wolf Pack, and the Hell’s Angel’s in an attempt to get away with it, not knowing that the only man who raped me that night, other than the HM’s “Chad” *name unknown*, and “Chunky,” was Chris Trotchie himself…who pretended for hours to be different men.

I was so high on the drugs that they had given me, he was convinced I couldn’t tell the difference between the man I love, and the man that I am promised to, he was so convinced that he was clever he thought he’d get away with it.

However, Chris Trotchie does have many mental health issues, one unfortunately is the officially unofficially diagnosed “idosim disorder”, because I’m a fucking genius.

There is a saying in the Tribes of Krisya Ohana, your tribe will always be there, no matter what, no matter what the story is, no matter how hard you have to cry, or fight against their help, whether you like it or not, they will always be there for you.

I am an Irish, Romanian, Jamaican, English and Scottish woman, each and every one of those cultures believe highly in raising up their women instead of tearing them down, which is why I am so confused as to how Chris or Sarah Trotchie, would ever in a million years think that they would get away with what they have done.

I distinctly remember not so long ago, a young woman came up to me, and asked if I was “the loud mouth brown girl,” I said no repeatedly as she chased me around the house, trying to tell me she needed my help. I had her removed from the property with a simple “please help,” because I wasn’t ready to be the Loud Mouth Brown Girl.

We weren’t ready, it wasn’t until we talked several years later that I realized I wasn’t the only victim of Sarah Trotchie’s jealous, it wasn’t until later that I realized the reason that Sarah beat her up at Poncho’s and Lefty that night so many years ago, was because she’d dared to ask for my help.

For all the girls who have been raped, beaten or tortured by the Trotchie family, if there are any guys out there in Surrey, who think that the things that were done to you by the Pallson or Trotchie family, were done only to you, you’re wrong.

If you’ve ever wanted to get your revenge against these people, the time to start making police reports is right now, and yes I know how that fucking sounds, yes I know that I, the girl who hates cops more than anything in the world is saying that, however…what option do we have?

We could have Chris and Sarah killed, and then what? We become the bad guys? We become the hunted and our children live with the fear that we are just going to continue to perpetuate the belief that kids in Surrey are expendable?

We could hope that Chris and Sarah will get the help that they need, but I mean we’ve been waiting years for that. Some of us have been in therapy for years, others are just getting started, but at least we’re doing the work.

I’m tired of listening women who make excuses for these men, I am so tired of listening to the reasons that it’s not okay to talk about what Chris, Red, Chuck and so many others have gotten away with doing.

Tyler Harris is absolutely a rapist, and there are so many others hiding among us, pretending that what they did to us was okay because they were drinking too much, or because we said we wanted it when what we were really trying to say was “NO,”. Which in of itself is a full fucking sentence, someone really important reminded me of that not so long ago.

I am so tired of being the one who gets asked “well, what do you want to do about this situation? Do you want to handle it in the streets or the courts?” We have been trying to handle this shit in the streets for the better part of thirty years, and for the most part all it’s done is created one massive fucking tribe out of a bunch of people who are told they are supposed to hate each other because of the clothing they wear. Because of the color they represent, we represent fucking Camouflage mother fucker.

If only because it’s the only color that makes sense, the color that reminds us that no matter what color we’re wearing we stand together, so fuck Chris Trotchie, fuck the “Adrenaline Mob,” fuck the next generation of assholes who got caught being pedophiles, rapists of men and children especially, and fuck every guy who thought the women of Surrey BC are weak.

We’ve been friends for years, and we know that it might seem like the craziest thing in the world considering how often you saw us fighting with each other, but remember, remember which ones of us threw punches.

Which ones of us held our tongue against rude comments or bitchy behavior, and remember very carefully, which one of us gave a woman a beating for asking for help.

Remember, and refuse to forget, which one of us put her face, and her life on the line to make sure that the secrets of the Adrenaline Mob, the Golden Group and all the sick twisted men in the lower mainland, would be revealed finally.

Remember that shit when they come for me again, like they have been for the last six weeks, remember that I fucking told you that everything that was going to happen, didn’t have to happen, that we could have changed it if we’d only stood together.

So when you finally remember all of that, remember the only way to end the fucking pain and torture of having had to let Chris Trotchie rape me, is to ask every single one of you who know something, who are holding evidence or letters to release them, or it.

Go to the police and talk about the rapes that they don’t think are happening to this day, go to the police and report the day that a man had you beaten because you asked for help and got that beating in front of everyone instead. Remember that Amber beat the fuck out of you “Ducky,” because you asked for help after being raped.

Remember that Sarah beat a woman for asking for help.

Remember that Chris and several members of the Hell’s Angels and the Horsemen, men who wereย supposedย to be members of Hardside, raped us.

  • Chris Tucker
  • Sean Garfield
  • Phoenix of Phoenix tattoos
  • Tyler Harris
  • Chris Trotchie

And so many others that we’ve all lost count. The City of Surrey is proudly discussing the fact that crime is lower than ever before…whatever that’s bullshit, it only seems that way because they don’t know the truth. Go to District 1, they know the reason you’re there before you even walk through the door, ask for Cameron.

I’m going to be taking a break from Loud Mouth for a bit, you might catch me on Twitter, but you’ll never know where I am, because I am exactly what I said I was…I’m the girl who can slip through time and space, and I’m the girl who is completely unafraid of any of the bullshit lies that Chris Trotchie has to spew.

For the record, I don’t have any information about the Surrey Six murders, but I know this…I have a really hard time believing that Jonathan Bacon or his brothers would promise to protect me, while simultaneously allowing me to be raped by a kid who has already, more than once, threatens to make sure their lives are forfeit for the rest of time. Yes Chris Trotchie, I remember you saying that about six months before that happened, and so do they.

I also know that there is no way in hell, my brothers would ever, ever rape me, so it was cute that you pretended to be Mike Ross, but we also know for a fact that he wasn’t there. Every guy that was ever accused of rape in 2015, was in fact at that house that night, and they left about twenty minutes before I got there, so you can go ahead and continue to profess your innocence, Chris Trotchie, but as I’ve already said…I’m ten thousand times smarter than you can ever hope to be.

To my fellow Brown Girls around the City of Surrey, today is your independence day, Alyssa please come home, it’s time now. They need you now more than ever.

Alicia I fucking love you so much and I miss you, but there is never, ever going to come at time when I kiss my best friend’s daughter, or sister, or wife, that’s just..so not me, but nice try sweetheart.

To Denise Gaspari, you’re a weird girl, and I fucking love you, thank you for helping to save my life, I’m really glad you got to spend time with Kelly York, she’s super cool right? Told you you’d be fine one day.

To all the guys who thought we were playing when we said that we were tired and annoyed of watching Sarah show up only to remind us of our “place” in the world, we’re fucking over it.

You can wear whatever colors you damned well please, but know that for the absolute fucking last time, in the history of this life, and the fucking future while we’re at it, Sarah Trotchie, her friends, her ally, and her drama are no longer welcome in our world.

We stayed silent because they threatened to rape and murder our children, the children of our friends and our fiances, they knew where we lived, who we hung out with and every chance they got they reminded us of what they believed we were worth. We’re done with that now.

It’s amusing we must say, that you think we’d ever turn our backs on each other Sarah, we’d never ever do that. That’s how we know, you have absolutely no problem turning your back on your brother, your actual brothers, because you think that you are blameless.

You sat back and watched as your brother raped us, as your brother tortured us for years, you made sure that you were never around of course, unless it was time to get violent, but the thing about that is that you had zero loyalty to anyone but your pocket book.

We genuinely hope it was worth it, just remember, you did this to yourself Sarah Trotchie…there was only ever one person who said that, Chris Trotchie, which tells us one thing…you get fucking stupid when you get violent. Enjoy Prison, it’s exactly where you belong.

To answer the question above, Loud Mouth Brown Girl is everything that Roman asked for it to be. It’s a movement, it’s a reminder that a boy’s life does not exist to hurt women and children. It’s a promise that no matter what happens, we will do the best we can possibly do to honor the song, to honor that soft whispered “I hope someone gets inspired by us one day” wish.

Loud Mouth is a movement, but Brown Girl is an army of women, children and men, including (ugh) cops, who are disgusted, ashamed and tired of allowing this bullshit to continue.

The Lower Mainland will never, ever again be home to rapists, pedophiles and demons who attack the most innocent among us.

The Lower Mainland is entirely covered by people who agree that Loud Mouth Brown Girl, Sarah Trotchie, was never, ever about “Consolidating power”, it was about reminding us that we are all Children of God.

And as you’re reading this, as you’re thinking about all of the many ways you want to punish me for FINALLY Telling the absolute truth, do remember that you were here in my home. Do remember that there were “members” of the FBI, cops, doctors, lawyers, Witch Doctors (which was fucking awesome by the way), and Hackers in attendance.

Remember that there were Bonified Celebrities, Rano says ello, remember that I am not alone, that 24 hours a day and seven days a week my home is being watched. Remember that no matter where I go, including but not limited to the fucking bathroom in my own damned home, I have private security watching my back.

Remember how you told me, told all us girls, that just because we can’t see you doesn’t mean that your not watching? Exactly my lovely, just because you can’t see them, does not mean that they aren’t there.

I’m not afraid of you, none of us are, because the one thing you tried to do to tear us a part is exactly what brought us back together again. You did it for profit, but we did it for the family, and we are a family Sarah. I’m really genuinely sorry that you decided not to be a part of that.

This post is dedicated to my family, and the angels that watch out over us from above, without them we would never have gotten this far. Goodbye Trotchie and Pallson families.

Goodbye Adrenaline Mob, may you rest in the seventh level of hell to which you belong.

Sending all my love,

Devon Jessica, HALLGATE, at least spell my name right if you’re going to hack my website you stupid face. Added to that…quit hacking my website and saying stupid shit. As if I would EVER accuse my family members of rape. Except Alex, fuck that guy.














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I am a 35 year old writer from Surrey, British Columbia, learning how to thrive after abuse. I own and operate www.loudmouthbrowngirl.com and am actively trying to find ways to engage and encourage Brown girls to speak up after abuse.

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