Writers and Editors of Color recently did an entire series on this book and I didn’t participate because I hadn’t read the book yet. I wanted to do something to contribute to the argument for this book because I knew that although I couldn’t read it in the NYT if I could get my hands on it, it would matter to me.

So for those that don’t know, even though I don’t do a lot of video sessions, the book sits behind me on the top of my couch every day just waiting for me to read it.

I’ve started reading it today and decided that since I have today’s also the day I’m going to start writing. Every time I get inspired to write something I’m going to do so, and I going to highlight inside the book, write in the margins, and use it as my textbook so that I can treat this session of reading as what it is.

An opportunity to learn about Black history in a way I’ve never had the chance before.

I didn’t get to see myself growing up and so I’m still learning that I don’t need permission to be the one to tell my story in the way that makes sense to me. I’m also starting to realize that I want to be a more educated and well-rounded student than I’ve been allowed to be, so studying this book is super important.

But I also forget a lot of stuff, so I’m putting it on the record so that either I don’t forget, or so that people can remind me.

Either way here it is. The Loud Mouth Brown Girl Case for the 1619 Project.